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Health Watch is Mercy's community newsletter that provides you with health care information that is important to you and your family. To receive this publication, delivered straight to your mailbox for FREE, please submit the subscription request form.

August 2015 - Learn how a patient with COPD is staying healthy and active; try our tips to improve your gut health; and learn why a robotic-assisted hysterectomy might be right for you.

Health Watch Archives

  • June 2015 -  Learn how Mercy is offering a gentler C-section, see pictures of Mercy's new front entrance project, and find out why snoring is a health concern. 
  • April 2015 - Healing and Growth with Home Care; New Blood Management Program - Only at Mercy; Heart Health Awareness at the Mercy Red Dress Breakfast.

  • February 2015 - Read about the changes Shirley has made following her heart attack; follow these guidelines to trim your waistline; know what you should do to lower your cholesterol

  • December 2014 - Skip the winter hibernation with these outdoor activities; get inspired by weight loss success stories; make mealtime easier with Mercy's new frozen meals

  • October 2014 - Generations Giving Birth at Mercy; Cancer Facts and Figures; Run for Your Life—download Mercy's training schedule here.

  • August 2014 - Gerry's Story: Back in the Tractor Following Knee Replacement; A New Procedure for Lung Cancer - Only at Mercy; Lifestyle Tips for Better Heart Health

  • June 2014 - David's Story: Relearning skills through therapy; Mercy Again Earns Highest Nursing Honor: Magnet; Highest Standards for Respiratory Care; Nursing Scholarships Awarded to Students; Funds Received for a New Oak Crest Van *Correction: The title of the recipe in this issue is incorrect. The correct title should be Grilled Shrimp with Mango Salsa. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • May 2014 - Griffith's Story: Clot-busting medication reversed paralysis from stroke; Mercy and Hills & Dales Collaborate to Enhance Autism Services; Megan's Story: Hearing device uses body's natural ability to conduct sound

  • April 2014 - John's Story: Minimally invasive surgery for lung cancer; Performance Achievement Award for Stroke Care; Rita's Story: Gets weight back in check with Just for You Weight Loss Program

  • March 2014 - Boost Your Nutrition with Power Foods; Sleep Apnea, a Serious Health Issue; Insurance Enrollment Deadline: March 31; Mercy Red Dress Breakfast (event photos)

  • February 2014 - Kathryn's Story: Husband calling 9-1-1 was first step in saving her life; Mercy Red Dress Breakfast: Join us for a fabulous morning!; Pilar's Story: Received high-risk, life-saving surgery

  • January 2014 - Ann's Story: Real Results with the Mercy Weight Loss Program; Mercy Child Development Center Earns Highest Rating; Mercy Introduces MyMercyDubuque: View Your Medical Records Online