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Mercy Registered Dietitians
Your partners in better nutrition

What you eat makes a difference to your health and wellness. We can help you make good choices that truly fit your goals and needs. Meet one-on-one with a registered dietitian to review your diet history, assess your personal nutrition needs, and bite into a better way of eating and living. Our experienced staff of dietitians are specifically trained to:

  • Help make you aware of your eating habits so you can make healthful changes.
  • Provide you with customized, individualized nutrition education and instruction.
  • Help you develop a personal meal plan that suits your needs, lifestyle and preferences.
  • Provide reassuring support to meet your health goals.

Dietitians: Nutrition Experts
We teach people the skills they need to manage their nutritionalgoals. Learn more

Medical Nutrition Therapy
Leading patients to better health outcomes and improved qualityof life. Learn more

Mercy Weight Loss Programs
Registered/licensed dietitians offer a variety of options for weight management. Learn more

Schedule an Appointment
How to schedule and prepare for an individual consultation with a dietitian. Learn more

Donna applied metabolicrecommendations and isseeing results! Learn more

Quick and useful wellness tools that help you estimate your healthy body weight, target heart rate, amount of body fat and more.

To stay healthy, you must fully understand your current health status as well as your risk of developing diseases in the future. These health risk assessments will give you personalized messages to improve your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle.