Mercy Medical Center Dubuque


Volunteers are an important part of the healthcare team. Mercy strives to treat each patient with highly skilled care and personal attention. Volunteers play an important role in providing this personal attention. A volunteer's greatest reward is in helping others. Volunteering also offers many opportunities:

  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Use your skills and talents or develop new ones
  • Gain experience or training
  • Look at possible health careers
  • Share yourself with others in a warm, appreciative environment

Who May Volunteer
Anyone over the age of 14 can apply to be a volunteer. All applicants are interviewed by the volunteer coordinator. Volunteers are placed according to their interests, qualifications and the need of the hospital. All volunteers receive a general orientation to the hospital as well as specific training in their area of service.

Special Benefits Include

  • Reserved parking on the days you volunteer
  • Meal card that allows you a meal in the Mercy Cafeteria on days you volunteer
  • Discounts on Pharmacy OTC purchases and batteries
  • Recognition awards dinner, cookout and Christmas parties

Time Requirements
Because of the diverse nature of the service areas, the time requirements vary. Even the smallest amount of time is appreciated. Mercy's volunteer coordinator can help you identify a service area within your time availability.

Volunteer Standards
As a volunteer, it is vital that you will keep patient and hospital information strictly confidential.  Volunteers serve in a number of different areas. If you choose to become a volunteer, we will strive to place you in an area that is interesting and comfortable for you.

Need more information? Want to volunteer?
Please call Mercy's Volunteer Coordinator at:
563-589-8791 or 563-589-9685 or email